We Direct Electricity
with Innovation.

As PESKA LTD ŞTİ, we are a leading company that offers reliable solutions for your electrical connections. We aim to provide the best service to our customers with the experience and quality we have gained in the sector for many years.

We are here to shape the energy connections of the future and add power to every project. Contact us, experience the difference in reliable connection!

  • Reliable Connection: Reliability is the top priority in electrical connections. As PESKA LTD ŞTİ, we keep the safety standards at the highest level in each of our products.
  • Advanced Technology: We closely follow the developments in the electricity sector and produce our products with the latest technology. In this way, we offer high performance and durable products to our customers.
  • Wide Product Range: We offer you special solutions with our various cable types and accessories to suit your needs.

Cable Bundling

Cable Bundling is an important method used in many industrial and domestic applications. This technique is used to organize, protect and safely manage power cables.



Project Service

As a company, we are proud to offer electrical project services. Electrical projects are plans created to meet the energy needs of a building or facility and to organize the electrical installation safely and effectively. We offer customized solutions to our customers with our professional team and experience.

We produce special solutions for your electrical projects.


Consultancy Service

As a team that provides electrical consultancy services, we aim to provide reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions in the energy sector. We work to provide the best service to our customers with our years of experience and expert staff.

We offer customized consultancy to our customers in all processes of your transactions. We operate in many areas such as indoor and outdoor electrical installations, lighting systems and energy distribution.


Product Development

As a company, we offer a wide range of services in Product Development. We have an experienced team to provide the most innovative and effective solutions to our customers during the Product Development process.

We are constantly evolving to produce customized solutions for you during the Product Development process. We develop innovative products using the latest technologies and approaches.